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Way back in 2008 I attempted to do a “take a photo every day” challenge. I still have those photos, they are largely not good and I only made it until February 8.

I have decided to try it again this year, for reasons I can’t fully explain. I know that one of the issues I had the last time I attempted it was that the challenge was literally just “take and post at least one picture every day” with no other guidelines or prompts. So yesterday I did some searching and found a couple of different “365 Day Photo Challenges” that actually provide a prompt each day. Unfortunately the one that was really well organized and had a community and an official Instagram account did not have prompts that interested me, and generally felt a little too “Live, Laugh, Love” for my tastes. Instead I am going with one I found on the site Expert Photography and will just be sharing the photos here and on Mastodon

A calendar for the month of January with daily prompts for photos
The prompts for January

The prompt for January 1 was “Resolution” – the photo I included on my post yesterday of my swords was my answer to that. As I said, I don’t do resolutions, but my intention for the year is “more fencing”. For today it was “Excitement” and I was really unsure how I was going to do that one, but on my lunch break I found my answer. The sun came out today, and I found some absurdly bright yarn to start a new blanket with, and I was pretty excited about both of those things.

Me holding a large cake of rainbow colored yarn

Aside from “more fencing” I do actually have another intention I am setting myself for 2024 – do more things for me. I want to take more photos, so a challenge that makes me really think about it every day feels perfect. Part of it is wanting to take not just more photos but better photos, and part of it is wanting to more intentionally document life. We’ll see how it goes.

Let go of the little distractions
Hold close to the ones that you love
‘Cause we won’t all be here this time next year
So while you can take a picture of us

Frank Turner – “Polaroid Picture”

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