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Collecting scars that don't seem to fade


  • Pennsic 50 – The Woods Battle

    The fighters and fencers of the East Kingdom in the SCA refer to the Pennsic woods as church. I never really understood it. Then, back in 2019, I was retaining for our queen during the heavy battle, and just being in those woods, seeing the fighters, feeling the energy – it started to click, and… Continue reading

  • Pennsic 50 – Peace Week

    I wish I had found the time and brain space to blog while I was actually at Pennsic, because now that I am sitting here trying to tell the stories, they are all a jumble. So this may be less a cohesive blog post and more a collection of random thoughts. Because it wouldn’t be… Continue reading

  • Pennsic 50 – Arrival

    I’m going to try and get a few blog posts in while I’m here at Pennsic but realistically this may be the only one – there is always so much to do, so many people to see, so little time. We left home on Saturday morning and drove to Buffalo – the drive was uneventful… Continue reading