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Pennsic 50 – Arrival

I’m going to try and get a few blog posts in while I’m here at Pennsic but realistically this may be the only one – there is always so much to do, so many people to see, so little time.

We left home on Saturday morning and drove to Buffalo – the drive was uneventful until about Syracuse, where we hit a thunderstorm where the rain was so hard we had to pull over and stop on the highway. Visibility was essentially zero. Fortunately it was fast moving so we were only stopped for maybe five minutes. For the rest of the drive we ran into a few spots of “slow down, put your hazards on” rain but nothing quite so severe.

Our friends Tart and Lodur live in Buffalo, so we now plan our Pennsic road trip to stop there for the night. We had dinner and drinks with them and it was a great time. We headed back to the hotel and bed at a reasonable hour so we could get on the road nice and early.

Chalkboard sign that says The Merry Shelley

The final three-ish hours of the trip from Buffalo to Pennsic on Sunday morning were blissfully uneventful. We arrived on site to find no line at troll, got down to our campsite and got set up before any rain occurred. All in all an easy, stress-free entry into the event.

Emotionally entry into this event has been a bit weird this year. The former friend from my previous post is someone I used to road trip to Pennsic with, and I have so many memories of this event tied up with them. So there was that to deal with. But also I’m so happy to be back. But also also, somehow, when we got on site it felt like I never left? Which is not a bad thing at all but definitely a change from past experience.

I have more to talk about but a friend is on her way to my camp, so I’ll end this here. Tales of things that have happened now that I’ve settled in will have to wait for later.

Our canvas tent
Our home for the next two weeks.

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  1. Oh wow! This looks amazing! I know you said you’d be super busy, but take some photos to share when you can!

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